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Get That Air Circulating - Using fans to Improve Indoor Air

Indoor Fans Help Circulate and Improve the Quality of the Air We Breathe! 

Summer is just around the corner – YEAH! As temperatures begin to rise, you may decide to retreat indoors and kick on the air conditioner to cool your home. The cooled air feels amazing but when we close our homes up too tightly, the inside air gets stuffy and stale, which isn’t too amazing.

It’s easy to improve the air quality inside your home - resulting in many benefits for both the house and its occupants. Did you know that the fresher the air is the better it helps you have a clear mind and get a good night’s sleep?

Today we are going to tell you about the different types of fans you can use, whether it’s hot or cold outside, to help improve the air quality. Fans are the next best thing to opening the windows and using nature’s breeze to help circulate the air throughout your home or office. 

Indoor Fans Improve Air Quality

  • Window Fans 

When the weather is nice enough for opening up the house, but there’s little to no breeze, window fans are a good option. They are usually designed to blow air both into or out of the house.

Sometimes it helps to position the window fans across from one another with one blowing in and the other blowing out. This technique will help you create a flow channel through the home with more control of where the air actually goes. 

 Get That Air Circulating - Using fans to Improve Indoor Air


  • Ceiling Fans 

Did you know that ceiling fans actually aren’t intended to cool off a room – WHAT!?! Their sole purpose is to improve the air circulation in whatever room they are used in. The trick with ceiling fans is that they have the potential of making you feel like the room is a few degrees cooler than it actually is. What is this magic ventilation science?

Ceiling fans, or paddle fans, work by creating an artificial breeze that helps evaporate moisture from your skin. So, it’s the light breeze the fan creates that provides acooling sensation to the skin. Confused? Heat and hot air rises and when it reaches the ceiling, it has nowhere to go. Running the fans counterclockwise during the hot summer months has the effect of creating a breeze that makes you feel cooler. 

Reversing the blades so they spin clockwise during the cooler winter months will help mix and distribute the cold air towards the bottom of the room with the hotter air that rises to the ceiling. This is a win – win scenario for you! It doesn’t matter what time of year you use them, ceiling fans improve air flow and air circulation, which can help you save on cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter. 

  • Tabletop & Desk Fans 

Fans weren’t always small enough to sit on top of the table without taking up the entire space. Desk fans give you the option to place them virtually anywhere as long as there’s space. This category of fan is generally adjustable and great for using in tight spaces where a normal fan won’t fit. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, or sitting at a desk, a tabletop or desktop fan is a great way to improve air circulation in your personal space. 

 Get That Air Circulating - Using fans to Improve Indoor Air 

  • Exhaust Fans 

Exhaust fans are responsible for removing stale air, as well as, smoke, mildew, pollutants, odor, and particles from your home. These types of fans are generally installed in the kitchen and bathroom of houses. If you have an attic you could also have some sort of ventilation or exhaust fan up there as well. One thing to take note of when using exhaust fans is to regularly change the filters.

  • Pedestal Fans 

These are the standing rotating fans that all kids love to talk into to turn their voice into a robot voice. The adjustable height and swivel action makes it perfect for using in hallways and in front of windows. Allowing the fan to oscillate helps the air to circulate all around the room instead of in just one direction. A pedestal fan is a good option for both medium and large sized rooms. 

 Get That Air Circulating - Using fans to Improve Indoor Air

Choosing the Right Tool for the Job 

Air Innovations offers an amazing Swirl Cool 2-in-1 Fan that’s available in a variety of colors including black, platinum, blue and beige. The fan comes complete with an adjustable stand allowing you to set the height from 36” to 42” so you can enjoy the airflow wherever you like. Simply remove the stand and switch to the included support bracket and use the fan on your tabletop or desktop. Air Innovations 3-speed fan, with a built-in timer, helps to cool and circulate the air around you.

Knowing how to improve air quality in your home has a wealth of benefits that come with it. The quality of the air we breathe has an impact on our house, as well as, our health. Fans are one of the best things you can use to aid you in this task, aside from opening the windows of course, but Mother Nature doesn’t always guarantee a fresh breeze! 

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