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3 Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

Summer is officially here and the nation is experiencing record-breaking heat! Florida is hotter than it’s ever been, and the West Coast is currently seeing some serious heat waves. And states that are traditionally hot (think New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Texas) are seeing triple digit numbers. It’s going to be a super hot summer, which means you’ll need to find ways to stay cool or else you’ll melt!

1. Turn On The Sprinklers

Go old school and stay cool by cooling off with your sprinklers! Turn them on and either grab a chair to sit under the sprouting water or be a kid again and jump over them! It’s the cheapest and easiest way to stay cool when it’s super hot out. Just make sure that you set up in the shade so that you don't get a nasty sunburn!

2. Head To The Pool

Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have a pool in their home or apartment complex, but if you do, you’ll obviously want to take a dip to cool off. For those that don’t, head over to a friend’s house that does or find a community/city pool in your area. For a small fee (some might even be free), you can keep cool in a pool and have some fun swimming. Or, head to your local store and buy a small kiddie pool. You don’t need to go swimming and just need to fill it up and sit in it with a good magazine, some tunes and your favorite shades. It might look ridiculous, but when you’re burning up, you’ll be glad you did it!

3. Buy A Fan

The best thing to do when it’s hot out is to get a quality fan. The 12” Swirl Cool 2-in-1 Fan with Cord Wrap from Air Innovations is just what you need for when it’s burning hot out. It comes with all the coolest features that will keep you cool and comfy when the temps outside hit triple digits. It’s a versatile six-blade fan that lets you control things like direction, power, height and duration of cooling.

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