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4 Best Baby Gifts For The Holidays

It’s time to start shopping for holiday gifts and if you know someone with a baby this season, you might be scratching your head trying to figure out what to get them. While you could easily get them clothes or toys, why not think outside the box and give something that will benefit their parents, too! Here are a few gift ideas that are perfect for baby (and mom and dad):

1. Sleep Sacks

It’s cold out there and you definitely want baby to stay warm no matter what. But placing baby with blankets at night as they sleep isn’t ideal since they can easily suffocate in them, so what’s a parent to do? Easy, use sleep sacks! These innovative sleeping pouches allow you to keep baby cozy and warm on cool nights and keep them safe while sleeping! You just zip them in and they’ll stay warm all night, allowing mom and dad to possibly get some zzz’s without worrying.

2. Huggable Pacifiers

New moms and dads know how important a pacifier is for a baby, but the thing is they can get lost easily! But that’s not the case with a huggable pacifier that doubles as a friend! WubbaNub pacifiers feature a plush animal that makes it easy for baby to grasp and manipulate the pacifier and it’s large enough that you can’t lose it as easily as a regular one. It’s cute and functional!

3. Sophie The Giraffe Teether

You might think it’s a bit expensive for a teething toy, but it’s a game changer, which is why it’s been part of babies’ lives for more than 40 years. It’s super cute and slender, flexible and soft, making it the perfect chew companion for a teething baby. Parents will love it since babies can easily manipulate it themselves instead of having to hold the teether in their baby’s mouth, allowing them to go off and leave baby to chew away on their own.

4. Humidifier

It’s cold and flu season and nothing is worse than a sick baby! A humidifier can help lessen the symptoms of a cold and flu, giving them some relief as they sleep (a plus for mom and dad)!

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