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4 Reasons Why You Need Air Innovations New Swirl Cool 2-in-1 Fan This Summer

You’ve probably heard from friends and family members about how much they love their cool mist ultrasonic humidifiers, especially when it’s cold season or someone is sick. However, do you know the real reasons why many love them during winter? Probably not, so if you’ve always wondered if you should get one for yourself, here are a few reasons why you definitely should invest in a cool mist ultrasonic humidifiers. Trust me, it’s life changing!

1. The Best Choice When You Have Kids And Pets

Some really don’t care if they use a warm mist or cool mist humidifier, but those people with kids & pets should definitely stay away from the warm mist humidifiers and opt for a cold mist humidifier. This is because a warm mist humidifier uses heat to boil the water and disperse the vapor into the room and if you have little ones running around or pets getting into things, this can cause harm to them if they bump into it and accidently burn themselves. It’s more of a safety hazard, which is why many have a cool mist ultrasonic humidifier running in winter for their kids to breathe easier, especially when they’re sick.

2. Super Quiet

Some humidifiers are really loud. You can even hear them over the TV, making them annoying to many. But when you buy a cool mist ultrasonic humidifier, you don’t hear a thing! These humidifiers are super quiet and will produce virtually no noise at all so you won’t even notice that they’re running.

3. Keeps Things Cool

A warm mist humidifier can really warm the room, which might be great in winter, but can be too hot in summer or in dry, warm climates. If you want to humidify your room without adding more heat, a cool mist ultrasonic humidifiers is perfect since it will also cool the room for you.

4. Less Electricity

Out of all the different kinds of humidifiers available today, cool mist ultrasonic humidifiers actually use less electricity than others. This will not only save on your electricity bill but is also good for the environment!

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