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4 Reasons Why You Need A Fan

No one likes to be hot – whether it’s outdoors or indoors. Sweating, being sticky and feeling as if you’re in an oven is no fun, especially if you’re trying to relax at home. Although you can easily turn on the AC, no one wants to pay a higher electrical bill at the end of the month. Instead, many turn to their fans to help them stay cool and if you don’t have any, here are a few reasons why you need one:

1. Lower Energy Costs

When you turn on your air conditioning system, you’re using up a lot of electricity. Fans can help you keep your electricity bill lower (by up to 30%-40%) so that you can cool off and not have to worry about a large bill to pay. And even though a fan doesn’t actually decrease the temperature of the room, its draft of air will make it seem cooler and allow you to be comfortable.

2. Added Light

If you have a ceiling fan in your home, then you not only have a fan, but also a light.  Fans with built-in lights provide you with the convenience of more light and a way to stay cool when you don’t want to turn on the AC. And many are easy to install and don’t cost a lot of money, further helping you save on your electricity bill.

3. Year-Round Value

So you already know that you can turn on a ceiling fan in the summer to stay cool, but you can also help your home stay warm in winter by running the blades clockwise so that it pushes warm air down from the ceiling so that you’re nice and toasty in the colder months.

4. Style Accessory

Many times, fans are style accessories for your home. Whether you have a ceiling fan, a stand up fan or even a desk fan, they can really enhance the room’s décor. Depending on the type of fan you have, they can really be a statement piece for that particular room.

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