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A Fan vs an Air Conditioner

With summer almost here, you’re probably ready to blast your AC to keep you cool. Although you’ll be super comfortable in your cool home, your electricity bill will skyrocket given all the electricity you’ll be using. Because of such high electricity bills, many prefer to seek comfort from the summer heat using a fan and here is why you should, too:

1. Cheaper than AC

First and foremost, a fan is way cheaper to run than your home’s air conditioning. It only uses a small percentage of electricity compared to the AC, so you won’t be slapped with such a high electricity bill in the summer. Many people find it more cost-efficient to run fans in every room than to turn on the air (although they might do it every once in a while when the temps outside are beyond scorching). Fans can lower your electricity bill by up to 40%. And the more fans you have in your home, the more you’ll save on your energy bill!

2. Won’t dry out the air

ACs might be great at cooling the air in your home or office, but they do so at a cost – they dry out the air inside, causing allergies to flare up. Since there’s no moisture in the air anymore, thanks to the AC running, your nasal passage can dry up and cause your allergies to act up. And although a fan doesn’t actually decrease a room’s temperature, the draft not only makes it feel cooler, but it won’t dry out the air, allowing you to still be comfortable when it’s hot outside.

3. Year-round value

Many don’t realize that fans aren’t just a way to keep cool in the summer, but can also be used to circulate warm air in the cooler months. All you have to do is run the blades clockwise to push out warm air without creating a draft! So your fan is a great investment any time of year!

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