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Air Purifier for Spring Allergy Relief!

When it’s spring time, people tend to stay indoors to avoid the distress of sneezing, asthma, and other allergies which arise from leaves, grass and pollen. However we tend to forget that the indoors are also polluted with various types of these pollutants and need to be checked and purified in case if want our families to stay healthy. While buying an air purifier, you should choose a good quality purifier. If the air purifier is not good, the results can be just opposite i.e. instead of providing good, it will provide more harm to the health conditions of the people.

Today there are so many options available when you want to buy a good air purifier for your family. In case you feel the area you live in is dry, you may also consider adding a great air purifier and humidifier combo device which will serve your purpose. This will complement the air quality and provide the user air that’s easier to breathe.

Let's check out the major air purification options. Installing one of these will help you to purify your indoors as well as your outdoors.

Ionizers (Negative Ion Generator): They are good for pollution, bad odor and mildew but not recommended for pollen or dirt as there isn’t anything to collect the pollen from the air.

Ozone machineries: They are recommended for bad odor, mildew and mold, but not good for collection dust and pollen. It is advisable not to use too much ozone as it causes irritation in the lungs.

Zeolite: This kind of air purifiers are for chemicals, smoke, fumes and odor as the organic compounds trap the gaseous releases. However, you still cannot use them for dust and pollen.

HEPA: It is the first and optimum selection for pollen allergies as it traps and catches dust and pollen. It is also recommended by doctors and allergists for treating all the allergy problems. However, it has a downside – the filter needs to be replaced every year. There are some companies that provide you with a cost effective replacement filter.

In case if you are searching for a good compact sized air purifier for indoors (for office as well as homes), Air Innovations Compact Air Purifier can be your best choice. This so called air cleaning powerhouse not only helps in removing the smoke, dust, pollen, odors, allergens, airborne pollutants, etc. but also helps in creating a cleaner, healthier and hygienic environment for your family inside your home. You can never go wrong with this air purifier for making your environment healthy and comfortable.

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