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Cool Mist Humidifier 96 Hour Run Time Model MH701C

Feeling under the weather lately? Or maybe your allergies have been acting up?

Whatever the case is, a humidifier can provide some much-needed relief, which is why you’ll definitely love Air Innovations’ Cool Mist Humidifier 96 Hour Run Time Model MH701C that’s one of their top-rated systems. The ultrasonic, cool mist humidifier is the most versatile for its size and longest running. The smart humidifier has a 1.7-gallon tank that can run for 96 hours straight when on low, which is about 12 nights of sleep! And sleep you’re get with this unit since it’s completely silent when on so you won’t stay up with that annoying humming sound that other humidifiers tend to make.

It’s powerful enough to provide humidity to large and extra-large rooms up to 600 sq.-ft. so that wherever you’re at you can reap the benefits of the humidifier. There’s a programmable built-in humidistat that will maintain and monitor the humidity level you want so don’t have to constantly change it yourself. Since bacterial, mildew and mold growth are often a concern when it comes to humidifiers, the MH701C entire unit and base are made of antimicrobial plastic that prevents this from happening. You’ll also get a permanent ceramic filter so that you never have to spend money on replacing filters ever again and don’t have to worry about impurities in your water since it will filter them all out.

You can easily convert the unit to a floor humidifier or a table unit in a matter of seconds since it has a small footprint coming in at only 9” across and 15” high and a 15” extension nozzle. Its 360-degree rotating mist nozzle makes it easy to direct the moisture where you want it exactly. An auto safety shut off function will go into place when it runs out of water so that it doesn’t stay on. It also comes in five color options so that it goes with your home or office.

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