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Dorm Room Essentials; Fans for College Students

As summer comes to a close it’s time to start thinking about heading back to school. Now is the perfect time to get your list of supplies and text books together and go shopping. Are you looking forward to getting back to the long nights of studying in your dorm room and ordering in pizza? One item that’s probably missing from your back-to-school shopping list is a fan. It may sound like an odd item to worry about but keep reading and you’ll learn why fans can be a bigger help than you’d imagine. 

Dorm rooms can get very stuffy and filled with stale and stagnant air. Having a fan in your dorm will make a huge difference in the quality and comfort of the air you breathe. Just in case you didn’t know it, there are all sorts of fans available that range from big and bulky to sleek and chic. One, in particular, that is really great for the dorm room or small apartment bedrooms is the swirl cool fan with removable stand by Air Innovations. This fan allows you to cool the entire room but it also comes with a removable stand so you can stick it on top of your desk or book shelf. Let’s move on to the benefits of having a fan in the dorm room.

 Dorm Room Essentials; Fans for College Students

Air Circulation: Air circulation is important for many reasons. Fans help keep the air fresh in your dorm or apartment. The quality of the air around you has an effect on your well-being - a room full of fresh air will help you have a fresh mind. Circulating air can keep your room cooler during the warmer months while helping to keep warm air flowing during the cooler months.

Eliminate Stagnant Air: Stagnant and stale air can make your dorm room smell musty. This is why a fan is a dorm room essential. Dorm rooms have a limited amount of space which means that each dorm room typically only has one window allowing fresh air to flow in. Having a fan in your dorm room will help circulate the air keeping it fresh and clean. You wouldn’t want your room to smell like old gym shoes and leftover pizza from a month ago, would you.

Keep It Fresh: Fresh air is important for our minds and bodies. The fresher the air the clearer you can think. The dorm room will smell fresher and better than it would without a fan. A quick side note: If you have a kitchen in your dorm room don’t be afraid to use the exhaust fan that is above the stove. This simple step is another great way to help the air stay fresh. After all, your parents might want to drop in and check on you, you don’t want them worrying about the funky smell radiating throughout the room.


Dorm Room Essentials; Fans for College Students


Keep It Cool: Regulating the temperature in your college dorm can be a daunting task when you’re living in such a small area. Adding even just one fan to your room can make a HUGE difference. Most back-to-school events take place at the end of the summer - when it is still kind of hot outside. This is why adding an Air Innovations fan to your dorm room essentials list is a good idea. Many people find it hard to concentrate when it’s hot!

Back-to-school sales are already happening in some areas. Don’t forget to add a fan to your dorm room essentials list this year. There are so many reasons why it’s worth investing in one even if it’s just a desk top fan. The better the air quality the better your health is all the way around. Fresh air can help keep your mind clear and on point for your next exam! 

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