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Humidify Your Home with Air Innovations Humidifier

Increase the Moisture at Home with Air Innovations

Have you ever noticed how your skin and lips feel dry and chapped during cooler, drier weather? Spending more time indoors, with the heat turned up, results in a dry atmosphere at home. A lack of moisture in the air can cause all sorts of irritations and uncomfortable symptoms (besides terribly dry skin).

The best solution for these common fall and winter-time problems comes in the form of a humidifier – a machine that infuses the air around you with soothing moisture to keep the air you breathe at a comfortable level.  Air Innovations® humidifiers help moisturize the air inside your home bringing relief to burning eyes, scratchy throats and post nasal drip.

Here's everything you need to know about why humidifiers are beneficial to your well-being and how to make a smart decision when buying one for your home. So get ready to learn how you can humidify your home for your Fallidays (fall holidays) guests.

The Benefits of Air Innovations Humidifiers

In case you’re not sold on the idea, here are a few of the top reasons for investing in a humidifier for your home and family.

Humidifiers Improve Your Well-Being

Dry air can wreak havoc on your body, inside and out. Dry, flaky skin ages poorly compared to moisturized skin. It also feels tight and sometimes chapped. Dry sinus cavities are irritated sinus cavities.

A lack of moisture in the air can exacerbate allergies and asthma, and help that miserable head cold linger all winter long. This is a serious issue for people with weaker immune systems (such as babies, young children and the elderly). Look and feel better with soothing, moist air at home when you choose a cool mist humidifier from Air Innovations.

Humidifiers Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Dry air worsens snoring which interrupts sleep (and significant others in your home). Tossing and turning in your sleep isn’t something you want to deal with this winter.

 Moist air soothes nasal passages, reduces irritation and promotes much-needed sleep for you and those you care about. Sleep better and wake up refreshed this winter when you use a humidifier.

Humidifiers Improve Indoor Air Quality

Your home is a place where you should feel comfortable, right? Dry air doesn’t only affect your family’s health, but it impacts the health of your home. Wood furniture, hardwood floors, books, and even indoor plants can suffer when the air lacks moisture.

Boost that humidity and keep your home happy with the Air Innovations MH-701B humidifier for large rooms with an amazing 96-hour run time. Air Innovations prides itself on designing humidifiers that are safe, easy to run, quiet and reliable. Sleep better, look better and feel better TM with the right humidifier from Air Innovations!

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