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Indoor Air Quality – Why Humidifiers Are Important

The relative humidity in the Sahara Desert is 25%, but did you know your winter household humidity might be as low as 5%-15%? Overly dry air can cause itchy, cracked skin, dry nasal passages, annoying shocks from static electricity and cracked woodwork. Adding a humidifier will add comfort to your home and eliminate these irritating conditions for your family.

Can humidifiers lower my energy costs?

As the moisture from indoor air evaporates, the temperature in your home feels colder. In the winter, that means you will likely turn up the thermostat to feel warmer, so your system will use extra energy. By putting moisture back in the air, a humidifier allows you to remain comfortable at a lower thermostat setting, which lowers your energy costs. Humidity levels between 35% – 55% help you feel warmer at lower temperatures. When you add a humidifier to your home system, you will feel more comfortable and save on utility costs.

Does a humidifier improve my home’s air quality?

Proper humidity control is important for minimizing the growth of bacteria, molds, viruses and dust mites. More airborne moisture means less opportunity for dust and other irritants to circulate, so you will experience improved air quality. Properly humidified air helps reduce nasal dryness, helping your family breathe easier. Less static electricity creates a more comfortable environment for everyone in your household.

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