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Home Humidity Levels Are Critical to Keeping Viruses in Check

Home Humidity Levels Are Critical to Keeping Viruses in Check

Keeping your home healthy is top-of-mind now more than ever. Something in our homes to consider is humidity levels. Raising indoor relative humidity levels to between 40 and 60 percent can render 86 percent of airborne flu virus particles powerless, according to a recent study reported in the journal PLOS One by a team supported by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Humidifiers are better for overall health. Great Innovations LLC gathered relevant insights here and provides viable solutions in the products they offer.

CNN Health states that "in the wettest possible absolute humidity, less than 20 percent of the [influenza] virus was still viable after an hour." And goes on to observe that "after 23 hours the viruses in the dampest conditions were all dead."

When the air is too dry (below 40 percent relative humidity) droplets from a sneeze, cough or saliva spray will stay airborne and circulate for up to two hours, spreading the virus further and making it easy to breathe in.  However, when using a cool-mist humidifier and increasing the indoor humidity between 40 to 60 percent,  the droplets may attach to the water molecules, which become too heavy and fall to the ground, thereby helping to reduce the amount of airborne germs and viruses. The extra humidity is the key.

Additionally, humidity in the home above 40 percent is recommended to help soothe symptoms of colds and flu by according to the Medline Website, which is run by the National Institutes of Health; they say proper humidity in the home, especially in winter months, also eases breathing and soothes coughs when you are ill. Harvard Medical School lecturer, Pediatric Oncologist and molecular biologist Dr. Stephanie Taylor, who has been researching the importance of air humidity for years has said that "Dry air also harms our body's natural immune barriers that fight infections." (SOURCE)

Doctors recommend ultrasonic technology cool mist humidifiers, which create ultra-small molecules of moisture that evenly distribute throughout the room. The Mayo Clinic states that "For their safety, always use cool-mist humidifiers for children. Hot water or steam from a warm-mist humidifier or steam vaporizer can burn a child if he or she gets too close. In the event of a spill, hot water might also burn."

The Mayo Clinic further states, that "If you use a humidifier, be sure to keep it clean to prevent mineral buildup and the growth of bacteria and molds. Humidifiers that hold standing water, particularly cool-mist humidifiers, can disperse these materials into the air."  

Look for an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier manufacturer that uses an antimicrobial inhibitor that is infused into the tank and base, such as Air Innovations Clean Mist Humidifiers.  These humidifiers are infused with an antimicrobial inhibitor that helps prevent microbial growth on the surface of the tank and base and have a permanent ceramic filter to trap other impurities.  This means no gunk growing in the tank and low maintenance: the permanent ceramic filter is cleaned by just rinsing. Available online at and other fine retailers.

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