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Need Humidifier Replacement Parts?

The thing with gadgets is that sometimes they break. That’s just part of life and their normal wear and tear. But at Air Innovations, if any of the humidifiers, air purifiers or fans break down or even if you lose the remote, we offer the convenience of replacement parts. This way you don’t have to throw your investment away and buy a new one. All you have to do is check our site to see if we have the replacement part that you’re looking for and simply order it! It’s seriously that simple and convenient. And you’ll never pay full price for any of the replacement parts since we know you invested the money when purchasing the device from us in the first place and don’t want you to have to pay a lot for any additional parts you need to get it back in working order.

Replacement parts and accessories that we offer include everything from remote controls for many of our fans, extension tubes for our humidifiers, replacement mist nozzles for humidifier and replacement filters. And if we don’t have it, you can always email us to inquire if we do and we’re make sure to help you as best as we can! We value all of our customers and stand by all of our products, which is why we offer a full year warranty and additional replacement parts.

So if you lose the remote to one of your favorite Air Innovations fans or if your humidifier needs a new filter, simply check on our site to see if we have exactly what you need in stock. Chances are, we totally do, which is why buying from us is convenient. Other places don’t offer replacement parts, so you either have to find something that matches or throw out the device, which means you’re losing out on money. For all your fan, humidifier and purifier needs, buy from Air Innovations!

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