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Room Humidifier Basics For Beginners

If you’re new to humidifiers and are looking to reap the benefits you hear so much about, we’re here to give you some humidifier basics! A room humidifier is a home device that provides moisture back into your home’s air. It does this by emitting water vapor into the air to increase the humidity of a room. There are two types of humidifiers - warm or cool mist - but many prefer cool mist humidifiers because it’s safer and more convenient. Cool mist options are also safer for homes with children since warm mist humidifiers can be a hazard due to the hot water the device emits. And they are less expensive than warm mist options since they do not need any heating elements.

Cool Mist Room Humidifiers

A cool mist room humidifier releases vapor into a space at room temperature, increasing humidity levels so that the air is comfortable and soothing. Many use humidifiers during the winter months when the air gets dry, causing a number of unpleasant effects like dry skin, dry nasal passages and trouble breathing. However, you don’t just have to use one in the winter. You can reap the benefits of a room humidifier all-year round since it can be beneficial for other things, including your skin, nasal passages, allergies and even help with snoring.

There are two kinds of cool mist humidifiers: ultrasonic and evaporative, with both producing the same results but working differently. An evaporative humidifier features a fan and wick filter, while an ultrasonic humidifier utilizes vibrated technology that breaks down water into tiny droplets, which turns into cool mist particles. Another benefit of an ultrasonic humidifier is that it’s much quieter than others on the market and best for larger rooms.

The Best Humidifiers On The Market

Now that you know the basics of a humidifier, it’s time to get your own! The best humidifiers money can buy are from Air Innovations. With a huge variety of different humidifier options to choose from, you’ll be able to find the best one that suits your unique needs. From portable travel humidifier to whole room ultrasonic options, Air Innovations’ humidifiers will offer a number of benefits, resulting in a better quality of life for you and your family. And their prices work for any budget, allowing you to add one to every room in your home and even office!

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