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Use Quality Filters With Your Humidifiers

Take care of your humidifier and it will take care of you!  Humidifiers come in handy during winter weather or whenever someone is sick in your home. They also relieve the effects of dry air in the winter and any common cold symptoms, as well as a number of respiratory illnesses. And portable humidifiers are easy to use in the home or office.

A quality humidifier is anything but cheap, so taking measures to ensure that it stays in working shapes should be a priority. After all, you don’t want to have a broken humidifier or one that isn’t working it’s best when you need it most, do you? Not cleaning or changing out the water in your humidifier can keep it from running and can even cause it to break.

You may not know that water can buildup and also harm your humidifier and cause calcification and other impurities in the water, thus defeating the purpose of owning it. Hard water can really do a number on your humidifier (as it does your skin and hair in the shower), so it’s important to use a quality filter to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Air Innovations’ Humidifier Demineralization Filters for Hard Water will prevent this from happening to your humidifier. They will prevent white dust by removing calcification and other harmful impurities in your water so that your humidifier works at its best potential. For those that are not familiar with white dust, it’s considered an unhealthy irritant that can aggravate or cause respiratory issues. A humidifier is supposed to help with your health and not cause adverse effects.

Each pack comes with two filters that will last up to 90 days (or three months depending on usage and water quality). These quality filters work with a number of Air Innovations’ humidifiers and will help ensure that hard water doesn’t damage your machine or your health. So if you want to ensure that your humidifier benefits you and your home (or office), opt for some quality air filters like Air Innovations’ Humidifier Demineralization Filters for Hard Water!

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