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What’s The Best Home Humidifier For Winter?

With winter around the corner, you’ll need to be prepared for the dry air and all the problems that come with it. To combat winter dry air, you’ll want to invest in a home humidifier. The dry winter air lacks moisture, leaving your skin dry, your lips cracked and your sinuses parched. Plus, dry air contributes to those annoying static shocks that happen when you touch doorknobs, and the furniture, etc pieces. To combat these problems and more, you’ll want a home humidifier running throughout the winter months.

The Best Humidifier For Winter

The cold air that gets into your home during winter has a low humidity level, so it carries very little moisture in it. When you turn up the heat inside your home in the winter to get warm, your home’s air can also lack moisture, creating an even drier environment inside. Since the humidity in the winter air is so low, you’ll need to add moisture back into the air. That’s why you’ll need the best humidifier around, which is from Air Innovations. We offer a variety of home humidifiers that’ll help make your home more comfortable in the winter months. If you want the best humidifier on the market, make sure you invest in an Air Innovations device!

Cool Mist Humidifiers Work Well In Winter

With quite a few different home humidifier options out there, you’re probably wondering which one to get. While all add moisture back into the air someway or another, cool mist humidifiers are a better choice. Cool mist humidifiers utilize an internal wick filter to absorb water in their its tanks, while a fan blows the air via the filter ultrasonic technology so your humidifier is silent while delivering the maximum amount of moisture into your home. This process causes the water to evaporate all throughout your room in an invisible mist. Ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers are very popular since they use ultrasonic vibration technology to create a cool mist that’s quietly released into your room because they are cost effective, silent and mobile.

Use A Cool Mist Humidifier This Winter

Running a cool mist humidifier this winter will add moisture to heated, dry air. Thanks to the moist air a cool mist humidifiers provides, you’ll feel more comfortable in any space you place one in. The moist air helps keep your mouth, skin, and nose lubricated, while also preventing those annoying static shocks. A cool mist humidifier will make your home nice and cozy when the dry air starts to make it uncomfortable. Just to avoid mold and slime build-up, make sure not to run your a cool mist humidifier too high, as it for too long without proper cleaning and sanitizing.

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