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Why Air Innovations Humidifiers?

Most people need a humidifier. You can buy humidifiers at most retail stores. The problem is this:  with most humidifiers, you constantly have to replace all those chemicals, tablets and filters.   They’re also big, bulky, and loud.   Have you ever looked inside one of those steam based humidifiers? You’ll usually see mold, sludge and bacteria that gets into the air.  You don't want your family breathing that in.

That’s why Air Innovations, the leader in humidification, brings you the most intelligent, efficient, and fully-featured line of humidifiers on the market today.

Air Innovations uses ultrasonic cool mist technology which means it’s completely silent.   The digital humidifiers come with a built in humidistat to maintain and monitor the humidity level you control.  Here’s the best part – each humidifier is infused an antimicrobial inhibiter and a permanent ceramic filter.   What does that mean?  The only thing you and your family will breathe in is clean, pure, healthy moisture.

Only from Air Innovations. Sleep Better. Feel Better. Look Better.

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