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Why You Should Be Using an Air Humidifier for Sinusitis

Do you feel the burning sensation in your nose? Is your nose congested when you sleep? Do you have a yellowish discharge? Well, chances are – you may have sinusitis! But don’t worry – sinusitis is one of the most common problems people are facing today. It’s not generally seen as dangerous, but it can surely lower the quality of your life. Sinusitis is the inflammation of the nasal passages and sinuses – hollow cavities inside your skull. It can be temporary – acute, caused by a common cold or a flu, and it can be chronic, meaning that it lasts for more than several months and even years. Whatever the case, you need something to alleviate the symptoms.

But what does sinusitis has to do with humidifiers?

It’s quite simple actually – when the air that you breathe in is too dry, the mucus inside you sinuses that protects them can’t flow properly because of the dryness, and it gets stuck. To make matters even worse – the lining inside your nose and sinuses tends to swell which obstructs your nasal passages which causes difficulty in breathing. And as if that’s not enough – congestion can then lead to pain and different types of headaches!

But here’s the good part! Most of the experts on sinusitis agree that humidifiers can significantly help reduce the annoying symptoms of this inflammation.

Humidifiers release small particles of water into the air and make it more humid. When you breathe this air, it then moistures the nasal passages and sinuses. This relieves sinuses of the painful burning and dry sensation, and it helps with congestion as well. Although having a humidifier can’t cure your sinuses, it can definitely help with the swelling, decongest your stuffy nose, and improve the overall quality of life. The most important room in your house is the one you sleep in – so it’s especially important to maintain the optimum moisture in it, where the air may get dry due to the central heating.

But which one to take?

It all depends. If you live in a region that is too dry all year long, then you definitely can consider getting a central humidifier. This humidifier is built directly into your heating system and into your AC unit. If you need it just during the dry winter seasons when the heating is on, then you should get a portable room humidifier which is more affordable and very easy to use. Whatever choice you make, optimum moisture level will definitely be soothing for your sinus problems. 

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