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Why Your Baby Needs A Humidifier

If you’re an expecting mom or have little ones at home, your space can definitely benefit from a humidifier. Now that summer is almost over, you now have to worry about your baby getting sick during cold and flue season and a sick baby is never any good! A lot of bacteria and viruses thrive in itchy, dry air that comes with fall and winter, which can increase the chances of your precious baby falling ill. To combat this, a humidifier in the nursery is the best weapon and the good thing is that they’re not expensive and highly effective in helping your baby stay healthy.

Although it’s not normally a mandatory item on a registry, having a humidifier in your home when you have young children is vital if you don’t want sick kids. And you should take extra care about your home’s humidity levels for the well being of all. Too much dry air isn’t good for kids or adults and it’s something that is very common in many parts of the world during fall and winter.

When it’s cold out, you tend to put on the heater more, which causes the air in your home to be really dry since it robs all of the natural moisture in it. Harsh, dry air can cause illnesses like stuffy noises, sore throats and dry sinuses, which is already bad when you’re an adult and even worse for babies since they are much more susceptible to congestion, sicknesses and infections. When you run a humidifier in your baby’s nursery, the tiny machine will add moisture back into the dry air, resulting in better breathing conditions so that your baby can sleep better since it will loosen all that mucus build up.

And dry air not only causes a baby to get sick, but can also dry out their sensitive skin. This can result in things like chapped lips, red patches and itchy skin. To protect your baby’s skin and health, check out Air Innovations’ line of humidifiers made especially for children! 

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