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Leopard Skin and Other Animal Prints are In!

We all know that some fads fade out with time but there are those that have stood the test of time. The infamous leopard print is one of those fashions that never really faded out or lost it’s cool, so to speak. There are still many people and tons of products that continue to rock the style!

Today we’re going to remind you that leopard print fashion is still in and still a thing. Not only is it still hot in the fashion world when it comes to designer clothes, hand bags, and shoes but it is also a popular pattern on many other products as well. Here is a list of some of the items that show off the awesome print. For those of you who thought this fad went out in the 80’s here’s an update for you!

Accessories & Accessory Organizers: Makeup cases, cell phone covers, and tablet covers are just a few on the long list of leopard print accessories and organizers. You just might want to be careful to avoid putting too many leopard printed accessories into the organizer otherwise your belongings will become camouflaged.

Purses & Purse Organizers: Whether you are going for leopard print on the inside or the outside of your purse you’re bound to find a variety of printed patterns to choose from. Portable purse organizers are really beneficial for those of you who like to switch their purses out a lot but don’t want the hassle of continualy having to move and reorganize all your stuff.

Backpacks & Change Purses: Whether you are young or old these patterns are somewhat stunning. There are so many different brands sporting the leopard print these days! How about a small change purse – made from a leopard print sock – so cute! 

 Leopard Skin and Other Animal Prints are In! 

Humidifiers: Fashion has gone above and beyond clothing and purses when it comes to leopard and other animal prints. Did you know that you can purchase leopard printed humidifiers for your home and office? Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to the leopard print style, but if it is something you fancy check out this animal print humidifier from Air Innovations!

Slippers & Clothing: Leopard print slippers, leopard print leggings, leopard print hoodies – whatever you’re looking for you’re sure to find a leopard print version. Leopard print clothing range in sizes from toddlers to children to adults. Basically, you name an item and it’s almost a guarantee you might be able to find it in a leopard print pattern.

If by chance you can’t find your desired item in the print, it’s likely you can have it special ordered just for you. Couches, blankets, car interior, robes, and the list can go on and on for a very long time. If for some reason you don’t believe that the leopard print is still in check it out for yourself and you’ll find there are still plenty of options out there.

It’s all about supply and demand and it’s rather obvious that there are still a lot of people who love the leopard print look. There have even been people to get their hair done in leopard print. Yes! You heard that correctly, leopard print hair it’s possible!

Don’t be shy go ahead and browse the internet and you’ll be just as happy as the next set of leopard print lovers out there. It was a classy look many years ago and is still a pretty big trending look for models, actors, actresses, and musicians. If you think about it, it kind of works for almost any genre out there so it’s no wonder it’s still such a well desired and popular item.

Leopard Print Humidifiers

Leopard print humidifiers are even available from companies such as Air Innovations®. Our animal print humidifiers include:

  • MH-105 Compact Cool Mist Personal Humidifier
  • MH-602 Cool Mist Digital Humidifier – 80 hour run time
  • MH-512 Cool Mist Digital Humidifier – available in both a leopard skin and giraffe print

Air Innovations humidifiers, fans and aromatherapy diffusers provide your home and office with clean, purified, healthy air to rehydrate your skin, relieve dry eyes, soothe scratch throats, and even reduce snoring to help you get a better night’s sleep.

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