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Want Great Skin? Use A Humidifier

Meet your skin’s new best friend – a humidifier. You probably already have one in your home that you use in the colder months to moisturize the dry air and to relive sinus symptoms, but did you know that a humidifier is also very beneficial for your skin? Probably not. Your humidifier might be your go-to device when you’re feeling stuffy, but while it’s on, it’ll benefit your skin and help it stay hydrated and supple.

Winter is harsh on your skin, thanks to the cold and dry air outside that doesn’t allow your skin to hold on to as much moisture as it does when the air is warmer. To remedy this, you need to supplement moisture because when it gets really dry, the moisture on your skin will evaporate into the air. So any way you can add moisture to the air where you’re going to be spending most of your time is beneficial for your skin. And to lock in that moisture on your skin, slather on a good, hydrating moisturizer for optimal results.

Moisture alleviates the pain and irritation associated with dry skin, which can be cause itching and burning. Sleeping with the humidifier on overnight can provide you with soften skin come morning. But some also say that a humidifier not only helps combat dry skin, but can also plump it up enough to help smooth out any wrinkles you might have. According to the Mayo Clinic, your home should ideally have humidity levels of 30%-50%. To tell if the humidity in the air is at skin-moisturizing levels, you can get an Air Innovations Clean Mist Humidifier with built-in humidity control.

Just make sure that you replace the water in the humidifier everyday so that it doesn’t become a breeding ground for mold or bacteria, which can make you sick. Many prefer cold humidifiers to hot ones since hot water just fuels the growth of bacteria and fungi. A great humidifier to invest in is the Air Innovations Smart Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier that features an adjustable mist output with an easy-to-control knob and has a 70-hour run time.

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