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Want to Know What the Secret to Amazing Skin Is?

Of course you do! Everyone wants beautiful skin and will go to great lengths to have it. But what if we told you the secret is amazingly inexpensive, doesn’t require massive amounts of lotions, serums or other products and can easily be obtained while you sleep? 

You’d jump right on whatever it is, right?

Well, the answer to amazing skin is simply a humidifier in your room, especially in winter when the dry air wreaks havoc on your precious skin. During winter, the air is drier outside and inside because you’re running the heater all the time, which means you’re left with dragon scale skin that can flake, become itchy and seriously dry out. But to still have silky fresh skin during the harsh winter months all you need is a humidifier blasting!

A humidifier’s job is to emit a strong mist of air into the space so that it adds much needed moisture back into the dry air. All you have to do is let it run all night and then wake up with softer skin! But just make sure that you seal in all the moisture you got last night so that the benefits last. You should shower with warm, not hot, water and limit the suds you use. You don’t want the soap to strip your body of its natural oils that help hold in moisture or else you’ll end up with dry skin regardless of using a humidifier. 

When deciding on what type of humidifier you should get to have fabulous skin, opt for a cool mist humidifier rather than a hot one since the hot water will just make it easier for bacteria and fungi to grow even when you constantly change out the water every day. Cool mist humidifiers are just easier to maintain and use. Air Innovations has several types to choose from and the best thing is they come in a variety of colors and patterns to match your personality, mood and space!

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