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Unexpected Benefits Of A Home Humidifier

You probably already know the many benefits a home humidifier offers when you’re sick. Running a home humidifier when you have a cold or the flu can help decrease symptoms and heal faster. But do you know there are a few unexpected benefits of a home humidifier? While you definitely want to have room humidifiers throughout your home during the winter, you’ll also want to run them all year round. This way you can reap the unexpected benefits of a home humidifier 365 days a year.

A home humidifier is beneficial to your family’s health and the health of your houseplants and wood surfaces. The majority of plants don't thrive in dry environments (unless they are cacti and succulents). Using room humidifiers raises the humidity in your home and allows plants to thrive. The best humidifier from Air Innovations offers added moisture and really benefits most houseplants. When possible, run a home humidifier next to your houseplants.

The Best Humidifier For Wood Surfaces And Furniture

Did you know that dry air is also harmful to your wooden surfaces and furniture? If you have hardwood floors, you risk damaging them by having dry air in your home. The wood dries out and shrinks, causing cracks to occur. Wood pieces need a certain percentage of moisture to retain their strength and prevent damage from happening. The best humidifier to prevent cracks in wooden surfaces and furniture is from Air Innovations! From ultrasonic room humidifiers to cool mist ones, Air Innovations offers the best humidifier options for your money.

Room Humidifiers Prevent Static Shocks

Do you always get shocked when you touch random surfaces in your home? If you do, it’s because there’s an imbalance of electrical charges on the surface. You’ll need to add moisture to combat electrical resistance in the air of your home. This is where room humidifiers from Air Innovations are helpful. Static shocks are more common in winter than summer – another reason to run room humidifiers in the winter!

Static shocks are both annoying and destructive to your personal electronic devices. Computers, tablets and the like are very sensitive to electrical discharges. Adding moisture back into the air using room humidifiers will reduce static shocks. The humidity helps remove electrical charges in the air to prevent future static shocks from occurring. Room humidifiers from Air Innovations are effective against static shocks and so much more!

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