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What A Cool Mist Humidifier Won’t Do

When people ask if a cool mist humidifier is right for them, they might just think that as long as they don’t live in humid climate they’ll be able to own one. In reality, there are a few important things that need to be considered before owning one.

Let me just preface this by saying that although these may seem like reasons not to get a cool mist humidifier, it’s actually just a clear-cut view of the expectations that some people have of cool mist humidifiers. I personally have enjoyed both a cool mist humidifier and warm mist humidifier; both have their pros and cons and showed me that the satisfaction with a humidifier varies based on your own needs.

Let’s run through the things your cool mist humidifier won’t do:

Clean itself. This doesn’t mean that someone with a busy schedule can’t own a humidifier. In fact, humidifiers are known to help people sleep and feel better. Luckily, you can clean most cool mist humidifiers by adding a cleaning solution of 50% white vinegar with 50% water and letting it sit for several minutes before rinsing it clean while you take care of other matters in the home.

See more about how to clean a humidifer: https://www.air-innovations.com/blogs/product-cleaning/how-to-clean-a-humidifier-by-air-innovations

Stop bacteria and mold from forming. A humidifier helps to purify the air but that doesn’t come without a few precautions. When you’re adding more humidity into the air, there’s a chance that you’re also welcoming mold and bacteria. Monitor the humidity levels with a hygrometer to keep mold and bacteria in check.

Replace your air conditioner. It would be nice to think that we can only rely on a cool mist humidifier and ditch the air conditioner, but it’s actually better to use a cool mist humidifier along with it. As your A/C runs and cools your home, it also dries out the air in your home. A cool mist humidifier will additionally benefit you by adding the necessary moisture to keep you comfortable throughout the day and night.

Get More With Cool Mist Humidifiers From Air Innovations

Even with wild expectations regarding cool mist humidifiers, Air Innovations is still able to offer a selection that can make owning a humidifier easier. These cool mist humidifiers come with a ceramic filter that never needs replacing, but that doesn’t mean you don't need to disinfect and clean the actual humidifier.

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