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10 Reasons to Buy Cool Mist Digital Humidifiers

  1. Permanent Anti-Microbial Ceramic Filter – You never have to replace this filter!   Simply rinse it off between uses and it’s good to go.
  2. Two Different Modes - You can use it in two separate modes.  First is the manual mode—it couldn’t be any simpler.  Just press the mist button for low, medium, high, all the way up to maximum.  But if you’re like me and you want it to do the thinking for you, there’s the automatic mode. 
  3. Timer - Most people have their humidifier in their bedroom and kids’ bedroom. The problem is that you aren’t in those rooms 24 hours a day, so you don’t want it running for 24 hours a day.  Just set the 24 hour timer when you go to bed and have it shut off when you wake up. 
  4. Built in Humidistat – You can set the built-in humidistat to monitor the humidity in your room.  Doctors recommend 45%, so set it to that level and the unit will adjust your room’s humidity accordingly and then shut off. 
  5. Efficient - By using the automatic mode, it’s functioning most efficiently which means you are maximizing the time in between tank fillings.
  6. Runtime -   Because Air Innovations humidifiers are so efficient, they are they run longer than most humidifiers on the market today.  You can go up to 10 days without refilling!
  7. Remote Control – The 701B model comes with a remote control for your convenience- mimics the functions of the unit.
  8. Automatic Water Shut Off – When the unit is out of water, it automatically shuts off!
  9. Cool Mist Technology - Cool mist humidifiers disperse a comfortable stream of room-temperature mist throughout your environment.  Cool mist ultrasonic humidifiers use ultrasonic vibration technology to create a micro-fine cool mist that is quietly released throughout your environment.
  10. Silent – Competing humidifiers are loud and bulky.  Air Innovations has produced a line of technologically advanced humidifiers that are completely silent and safe to the touch.
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