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4 Things To Stock Up On During Cold And Flu Season

We’re currently in the midst of cold and flu season and chances are, you or a family member is sick. Being sick is no fun, especially for kids and infants (and those big babies), so it’s important that you stock up on some essentials for when the cold or flu hits your home! Here are some must-have items to have during cold and flu season:

1. Tissues

You’re be wiping your nose a lot when you’re sick, so make sure that you have tissues handy. Sure you can wipe your nose using toilet paper or kitchen towels, but that can wreck havoc on your nose and make it raw and red with all that wiping. Opt for soft tissues so that your nose doesn’t get irritated or red from you having to wipe and clean it during your cold because of all the congestion!

2. Disinfectant wipes

Make sure you have some surface cleaners or disinfectant wipes handy so that you can clean everything you touch! The last thing you want is to spread your germs all over the place, which can get others in your household sick. The flu virus can easily live on surfaces for up to eight hours so wipe surfaces clean after you touch it.

3. Non-prescription medications

Since a cold or the flu isn’t something you’ll need a doctor to prescribe medicine for, you can easily use non-prescription medications like fever reducers, pain relievers, cough medicine and drops and decongestants. Just make sure to read the labels for dosage.

4. Humidifier

When you have a cold, your nose can become congested and when it does, you can’t breathe properly through your nose, which is frustrating. To help clear your nasal passages when you’re sick, run a humidifier at night, which will help lubricate dry nasal passages and make you feel and breathe better.

Finally, give yourself time and lots of rest when you’re sick because if not, your body will just get sick again and you’ll have to repeat the process all over again!

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