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5 Benefits of Using a Desktop Fan - Air Innovations

5 Benefits of Using a Desktop Fan

Have you ever noticed that in almost every home there are different areas that seem to be a bit stuffy because they aren’t getting any airflow or breeze? If lack of air circulation, or poor air quality is getting you down it might be time to invest in a small, compact, desktop fan. Desk top fans are lightweight, easy to move and many of them include an adjustable stand to vary the height setting. 

Smaller fans and desk fans are designed to be portable so it’s pretty easy to move them from one place to the next. You don’t have to lug around a big and bulky box fan or large stand-up fans that take up space and can be a hassle to get in just the right spot. Just grab the desktop fan and place it where you want it, as long as there is a flat surface to rest it on. Let’s get to the benefits of using small cooling fans inside your home!

The Benefits of Using Portable Desktop Fans


1. Improve Air Circulation

When you find yourself sitting at your desk doing research for your latest home improvement project, and the breeze just doesn’t seem to make it your way, you could use a desktop fan. The fan will improve the air circulation and the air quality in your personal space.

 2. Takes Up Less Space

Portable fans are smaller than many other styles and varieties. You can place one on the edge of the table, desk or night stand, and you can even take them outdoors as long as you have a power source to plug it into. Air Innovations Swirl Cool 2-in-1 fan for example measures approximately 15” x 20” and comes with an adjustable stand allowing you to transition between 36-inches to 42-inches in height. 


5 Benefits of Using a Desktop Fan  

3. Small Fans in the Kitchen

During the hottest months of the year, even if the air conditioner is running at the lowest speed and highest setting, whoever does the cooking in the house is bound to get hot. Having a portable fan that you could stick right on the countertop facing your direction will help immensely in the kitchen. Standing over a sink full of dishes and hot soapy water after a summer cookout can be a drag but if you had one of these little fans it wouldn’t seem like much work at all.

4. Desktop Fans are Versatile

One of the greatest things about desktop fans is that they can be used for so many things. Our previous tip talked about using the fan in the kitchen to stay cool, but the fan can also be used to help dry your next batch of handmade pasta too! Use them to cool off, improve the air quality, dry wet paint, etc.

 5. Small Cooling Fans are Portable

As long as you have an energy source to provide the power for the desktop fans you’re good to go. Although fans, or anything electric for that matter, should only be used indoors small fans are portable for a variety of uses. Air Innovations Swirl Cool Fan includes a removable stand that lets you instantly convert it from a floor model to a desk top fan. 

Small fans, placed in strategic locations, are a great way to offer spot cooling and improve the circulation in your home, apartment, condo or office. Problem solved!

If your career or activities have you traveling away from home, you probably know how dry and uncomfortable hotel and motel air can become. A small, portable humidifier is the perfect piece of equipment to help you breathe better and get a good night’s sleep while traveling away from home.

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