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5 Ways To Be Healthier At Home in 2017

Every January, people make their New Year’s resolutions to better their lives and their health, but not many make it a point to change their home for the better. Believe it or not, where you live and sleep has a huge impact on your health and lifestyle, so making it a resolution to have a healthier home can really be beneficial for you and your family. So while you still may resolve to overhaul your body and diet, think about turning some resolution to your home and here’s how:

1. Always change your water filter

How long has it been since you changed your fridge’s water filter? Many forget to do this despite the “change water filter” light blinking in their face. When a filter gets old, it loses its ability to remove harmful toxins from water, so when you see that light go on, don’t let it linger and change the filter as soon as you can!

2. Change the sponge more often

The sponge in your sink is one of the dirtiest places in your kitchen since bacteria likes to grow in moist places. Chances are your sponge or cleaning cloth is filled with E. coli and other bacteria that can be bad for your health, so make sure you change them out frequently.

3. Get smaller dishware

Looking to clean up your diet? Simply buy smaller dishware since science reveals that plate size can affect how much you eat. If you want to eat less, use a smaller bowl and save the larger plates and bowls for special occasions.

4. Sleep with thick blinds

Get better sleep in the 2017 by adding thick blinds to your bedroom. Research has revealed that sleeping in complete darkness allows your body to rejuvenate at night so that you wake up completely refreshed. 

5. De-clutter table tops

To lower your stress levels, de-clutter you tabletops by investing in organizing trays. Living in a messy home can really affect your cortisol, or stress hormones, so clean off tablecloths regularly and put things in their place.

In addition, of course, cleaning your home on the regular can help lift your mood, so don’t forget to stock up on your favorite Rejuvenate products for 2017!

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