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Benefits of Traveling with a Portable Humidifier

Traveling, whether it’s for work or for vacation, has its ups and downs just like anything in life. There’s nothing like pulling into your hotel or motel after a long road trip. You’re tired and just want to get a room and relax but when you finally get there the room is dry and the air is stagnant. If you had a portable, travel-size humidifier this would be an easy problem to fix.


Personal humidifiers or portable humidifiers are great for truck drivers, traveling nurses, salesmen and other people who are on the road a lot. More often than not, when people hear the word humidifier in their mind they see a big and bulky piece of equipment. Personal and portable humidifiers are actually quite small and don’t take up much space. They can fit right on top of your desk or nightstand.


Benefits of Using a Portable Humidifier



  • No More Dry Hotel Rooms

Sometimes the use of the air conditioner and heater can really dry out a room, or even your entire home. Too much dry air can cause bloody noses for some people. Having a portable humidifier will help add moisture to the air and eliminate any chance of irritation.


  • Allergy Relief with Personal Humidifiers

For any of you who suffer from allergies, adding a portable humidifier to your gear when you travel will provide major relief. Even if you’re not dealing with dry air, your allergies can cause aches, pains, and make it difficult to breathe, as well as, making it difficult to sleep. Some humidifiers can also include an aromatherapy diffuser for use with essential oils. The combination of increased humidity and soothing essential oils like lavender will help you rest easy and comfortable.


  • Humidifiers Help with Respiratory Issues

People use humidifiers to add moisture to the air which can really help anyone with asthma and other respiratory health issues feel better. Whether it is a chronic issue, or just a common chest cold, a personal humidifier can help ease dry coughs. If the air is too dry it can irritate and aggravate respiratory conditions causing you to cough more.


  • Sooth Dry Skin

The best travel humidifiers for those of you who deal with summertime sunburns and dry skin is the compact cool mist humidifier. It cools the air while it adds moisture providing relief for those of you dealing with dry skin or sunburns. Using them throughout the night while you sleep will help you rest more comfortably with fewer aches, pains, and itches to wake you.


  • Relief for Sore Throats

Having a sore throat is bad enough but traveling on the expressway all day with either the AC blowing in cold air or the heater kicking out hot air doesn’t help. When you finally get into your hotel room for the night you can hook up your humidifier and relax. Dry air is the #1 enemy for a sore throat it only makes it burn and hurt more. Having a good personal humidifier will help you in a pinch.


  • Sleep Better with a Personal Humidifier

For those of you who have a difficult time sleeping during the winter, due to overly dry indoor air, having a personal humidifier provides much comfort and relief. Humidifiers help you breathe better, feel better, and improves overall air quality.


The benefits of using a portable humidifier for travelers are numerous. More than anything they add moisture to the air helping to ease health issues and irritation. When the air is too moist or too dry it can create an uncomfortable environment which in turn, could lead to an unhealthy environment.

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Personal Humidifier

Portable and personal humidifiers come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They can be colorful and bright or classy either way they’re worth investing in.



Air Innovations makes a compact cool mist personal humidifier which is perfect for traveling. The compact humidifier uses a refillable water bottle that lets it run for up to 14 hours and can humidify small rooms up to 150 sq. ft., making it perfect for hotel use! The cool mist portable humidifier rehydrates skin, relieves dry eyes and scratchy throats and even help reduce snoring so you can sleep better while you’re out on the road traveling from town to town.

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