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Common Problems Caused By Dry Air and What to Do About Them

Dry air can be a real nuisance! Although it doesn’t seem like a big deal at the first thought of it, but dry air during winter seasons can seriously damage your health. When my hands and skin gets dry I feel like I’m ten years older! Plus, low humidity can make you sick more often and make you prone to all sorts of diseases. Here are the 3 most common problems low humidity can cause and what to do about them: 

1. Nasal congestion

Stuffy nose is the first thing you may get when the air is too dry. This is especially common while you’re asleep – which is super irritating. When your nostrils get congested, you can’t breathe properly. 

But why does this happen?

Before it enters the lungs, the air that we breathe in is moisturized by our body. But when the outside air is too dry it puts additional pressure on your body and the extra mucus inside your nose starts to thicken and build up in the sinuses. Dry air basically sucks the moisture out of your body and this is bad news for your sinuses as well as your overall health! 

2. Dry and cracked skin

Dry air basically sucks the life out of everything. It can literally suck the moisture out of your skin and make it dry and cracked. This means that your skin will need more moisture than normally otherwise you’ll have the sensation of tightness and irritation. But putting moisturizing creams isn’t the permanent solution either. You need something that will prevent the air to dry out in the first place.

3. Virus growth

Dry air is also the ideal habitat for viruses to thrive – which is not something you need stuck in your house! Viruses are the main reason why flu exists in the first place. These invisible nasty organisms can travel through dry air because there’s nothing to stop them. When the air is humidified, on the other hand, they can’t float freely but fall on the ground with other tiny water droplets.

What to do about it.

Luckily for you – the solution is simple! All of the above mentioned problems can be easily avoided by getting the right Humidifier for your home or room you sleep in. It is often recommended to keep the humidity level between 30% and 50%. By keeping the air properly moisturized you will hydrate your body and avoid catching a flu this season.

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