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Humidifier Benefits for your Baby

Winter is cold and harsh on our skin, so imagine what it can do to the delicate skin of your baby. During winter, heaters are turned on to warm the house and this causes the humidity in the air to drop by about 10%. And dry air can really irritate your baby’s soft skin, nose and lungs, creating an array of problems. Not to mention, cold weather means cold season and no one wants to have a sick baby since they can’t take the same medication that older children or adults can. This is why many pediatricians recommend a humidifier for babies in colder months and dryer climates.

Benefits For Baby

humidifier in the nursery can provide babies relief from congestion and any cold symptoms they might exhibit. This is because the vapor that comes from the humidifier helps loosen whatever mucus is clogging up their nose and chest, preventing them from breathing properly. It will help their bodies recover from any sickness and keep them more comfortable as they fight off anything they’ve come down with. Since babies can’t tell you how they feel, it’s up to the parents to keep them comfortable, and adding a humidifier to the nursery does just that.

But that’s not all a humidifier can do for your baby. It can also help relieve dry skin symptoms like chapped lips, itchy skin and dry eyes, which can all irritate babies and cause them to be uncomfortable and cry. Some parents even claim that a humidifier in the nursery also helps their baby sleep better. Its rhythmic hum that a humidifier generates is sort of like soothing white noise that can lull babies to sleep.

A great humidifier for the nursery is Air Innovations Clean Mist Smart Humidifier with Remote Control. It features an antimicrobial tank and base and a permanent ceramic filter, as well as a digital humidistat with five settings. It’s available in an array of colors so you can easily match one to the décor in your baby’s nursery.

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