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Is Aromatherapy Safe For Babies?

Many wonder if aromatherapy is safe for babies since they’re so sensitive to various things. However, you’ll be happy to know that aromatherapy poses no risks to babies. In fact, it can help them relax and sleep, with some essential fragrances useful in treating pain, colic and other symptoms babies commonly experience. There’s a range of ways to use aromatherapy for babies, including rubbing beneficial fragrance oils on their body for a baby massage. But many parents like to keep it simple by using a diffuser at bedtime or naptime. Just as aromatherapy helps calm the nerves and helps adults de-stress, it does the same for fussy babies.

Aromatherapy Products You’ll Need For Baby

Now that you know it’s safe to use aromatherapy products around babies, you’ll want to get the right products. There is a range of aromatherapy diffusers on the market and they all do the same function. They all release the aroma of fragrance oils into the air, which allows the baby to breathe them in and reap their benefits. Lavender is commonly used for babies since it helps with pain and soothes them to sleep. It’s essential to follow the instructions on all aromatherapy products to keep baby safe. Keep the diffuser in a well-ventilated room and stay away from essential fragrances that may be harmful for baby (which are ones that are known skin irritants). However, do not use aromatherapy products if the baby has asthma or is at risk of developing it due to a family history of the condition.

Air Innovations Offers Aromatherapy Supplies

If you’re looking for quality aromatherapy supplies, Air Innovations has everything you’ll need to create a relaxing ambiance for you and baby. You’ll be able to turn your home into a spa using our aromatherapy supplies, including diffusers and fragrance oils. We have a variety of appealing diffusers that will complement any room’s decor and various fragrance oils that’ll help your entire family relax.

Baby Will Also Benefit From A Humidifier

Besides aromatherapy products, baby will also benefit from an Air Innovations humidifier. A humidifier will not only keep your precious bundle of joy healthy, but will also keep the air in their nursery clean and pure. Keeping their room protected against dry air is especially important in the winter months when the air inside tends to get dry from heating systems. Since babies are more susceptible to congestion, they can easily develop infections and illnesses that run rampant when it’s cold out. A humidifier helps by adding moisture to the air for optimal breathing conditions.

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