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Keep Allergens At Bay With A Home Humidifier

Now that spring is here, you might have noticed an increase in your allergies. Your eyes might start to water up and your nose is always itchy plus sneezing is now common since the weather has changed. That’s because spring is the key time for seasonal allergies. As plants release pollen into the air, those suffering with hay fever or allergies will start to sneeze and sniffle. A great way to combat your pollen allergy is to add a humidifier to your space, to help your nasal passages stay unblocked from all the pollen in the air.

Breathe Easier With Humidifiers From Air Innovations

Although you might associate a humidifier with winter’s cold and dry air, many still get a lot of use from cool mist humidifiers during the spring and summer months when mold and pollen counts are at their highest. Add in the heavy use of air-conditioners which remove moisture in your home’s air and you’ve got uncomfortable surroundings if you suffer from allergies. When the air is dry in your home, you’ll notice many of the same symptoms as allergies, including itchy eyes and throat. Plus, the warmer temperatures in the summer can encourage the growth of pollens and mold spores, which can lead to an increase in common seasonal allergies.
Your sinus cavity is made up of sensitive tissue that easily becomes inflamed when it becomes irritated due to dry air and pollen everywhere. Running an Air Innovations cool mist humidifier during these warmer months will help soothe swollen sinus cavities, resulting in easier and better breathing.

Home Humidifiers To Keep You Cool

When the weather is warm, you want to make sure you keep cool inside. A cool mist room humidifier will increase moisture in your space without increasing the temperature. You’ll stay cooler longer while enjoying the many benefits that a room humidifier offers during the sultry time of year. Air Innovations’ home humidifiers come with a number of great features, including a built-in humidistat so that you can keep the humidity levels between 35% and 50%, which are optimal levels for your sinus health. So, if the humidity starts to rise too high, the humidistat will automatically bring it down again for the perfect humidity levels. Whether you’re looking to keep your seasonal allergies at bay or just want a better night’s sleep, a home humidifier can turn space into a comfortable haven anytime of the year!

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