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What You Need To Know About Pollen Allergies

Having a pollen allergy is no joke. As soon as spring hits, those suffering from allergies will tell you the difficulties they live in daily. As soon as the flowers start to bloom and the trees are at their greenest, those with allergies to pollen will start to experience a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms like a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing and more. The weather might be amazing out, but those with pollen allergies are miserable.

Some might think that they’re coming down with a cold, but every year, the same symptoms return. The cause of such an allergy is the fine powder that plants and flowers release in the air. Although it helps plants and trees grow and reproduce, it can wreak havoc for some people. Some people are allergic to all pollen, while others are particularly sensitive to types, such as tree pollen or grass pollen. And those that are allergic to weed pollen can even have symptoms well into fall.

For those going outside during pollen season when it’s flying around in the air, their body will react in such a way that it thinks it’s getting invaded since their immune system will start making histamine to fight back. But when this happens, symptoms like an itchy throat, sneezing, coughing, wheezing, red and itchy eyes can occur.

But rest assured, if you suffer from pollen allergies there are certain things you can do to prevent such frustrating symptoms. You can take over-the-counter antihistamines to block the histamines your body starts to make, as well as take a stronger prescription-based medication prescribed by your doctor. And since pollen can easily get indoors, you can add an air purifier to your home or office. An air purifier will clean out the air and remove any pollen that might get in via windows and doors so that you can at least be comfortable inside. And it will also rid the air of other dirt and grime that can cause breathing problems and more. If you’re looking for a quality air purifier to help with your pollen allergies, pick one up at Air Innovations!

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