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Why Humidifiers Are a Cold Weather Must

Are you ready for the upcoming winter conditions in the US? Do you have what it takes to stay healthy in your own home?

During the winter season, your house or apartment is nice and warm. But unfortunately there’s a downside to this. When air is heated, it becomes dry and harsh. Why? Once the temperature outside drops humidity levels tend to drop as well.  Although we often perceive the cold air as moist, this isn’t the case. Cold air is dry and it absorbs very little moisture.

So, eventually the cold dry air enters your house. This leads to a dry indoor environment and gets even worse when that air warms up due to the heating. Since the winter air is already dry as a bone, when you turn on the heating even that little moisture eventually evaporates leaving the indoor environment completely dry and harsh. 

And that’s when the problems start. That’s why many people all over the world suffer from various infections and colds during winters. And the reason is not always a weakened immune system – it’s the cold dry air outside, but mostly the warm, super-dry air that is inside. 

Do you sometimes feel like your nose is dry and itchy? Even runny and congested? Dry air causes sinusitis – or the inflammation of the sinuses and nasal passage. It can get very serious if not treated in time.

Is your skin cracked and dry? Do your eyes sometimes burn? Again, the cause of all of these symptoms may be dry air.

What to do?There’s only one solution -  get a humidifier!

Healthy and comfortable humidity levels are around 40 – 60%. Keeping indoor air at his level of humidity not only alleviates your symptoms but it also prevents harmful bacteria and flu from spreading.

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