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Why Using Purified Water In Your Humidifier Is Better

If you want to breathe clean air, you’ll want to use clean water (preferably purified water) in your humidifier. Portable humidifiers are great at alleviating a number of things, including dry lips and skin, a dry or stuffy nose, congestion and helps make you feel better when you have a cold or the flu. They do this by adding moisture back into a space’s dry air to lessen the problems caused by dry winter air or dry air caused by your heater. Humidifiers can also make life a lot more comfortable when you live in arid climates.

There are a number of different kinds of humidifiers available to you today, but regardless of the kind you get, it’s essential that you use filtered, purified water when running your humidifiers to protect your health and the health of your family. There’s a high amount of minerals in tap water or well water and those minerals will get projected into your space along with the water mist from the humidifier. This can be problematic for those with allergies or sensitive respiratory systems. Breathing air that’s filled with dust will only do harm and lead to sickness later on.

Another reason why you should use filtered, purified water with your humidifier is to prolong its life. Humidifiers tend to project the minerals in tap water into the air and these also lead to crusty deposits or buildup in the humidifier itself. This in turn leads to a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful pollutants.

When you use filtered, purified water, those minerals have been filtered out, leaving pure water to use in your humidifier. Sure, tap water is inexpensive, but it can do more harm than good when using it in your humidifier.

You can also opt to use powerful Demineralization Filters from Air Innovations that will prevent white dust forming in your humidifier by removing calcification and other impurities in the water you use. These filters last up to 90 days depending on use and water quality and works with a number of Air Innovations humidifiers.

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