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Ultrasonic humidifier vs cool mist humidifier. What’s the difference?

Whether you’re looking for an ultrasonic humidifier or a cool mist humidifier, there are plenty of benefits to be gained. The winter months can be brutal, not only because of the piercing cold, but also because of the effects that dry air can have on your body. It can dry you out both internally and externally, making the season almost unbearable. Nose bleeds and dry, flaky skin are only the beginning. If you’re impatiently waiting for the weather to warm up, you might only be trading off one negative experience for another. When warmer weather hits, bacteria can easily spread and the dry summer heat can have similar effects as its winter counterpart in especially dry conditions.

All humidifiers function to bring moisture into the air. Doing so can make any home feel more comfortable regardless of what is going on outside your door. Adding just enough moisture into your home helps with nose bleeds and even helps alleviate sinus infections. It can bode well for your furniture and wallpaper, adding longevity to items in your home that can benefit from the additional moisture.

Although a humidifier has one purpose, there are different types of humidifiers that target specific needs. Today, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of an ultrasonic humidifier and a cool mist humidifier.

How Can An Ultrasonic Humidifier Help?

An ultrasonic humidifier is best for night use, since it’s a quieter option. It uses high frequency vibrations instead of a fan to provide soothing benefits without the annoying hum. It’s no wonder the ultrasonic humidifier is a popular choice among users.

One thing to keep in mind is that an ultrasonic humidifier can create a white dust that settles in your spaces. To avoid this, be sure to maintain it properly by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Proper care is extremely important when it comes to using any humidifier. You can also reduce this white dust by using demineralized water with a demineralization filer, also called a hard water filter, in your ultrasonic humidifier.

Benefits Of A Cool Mist Humidifier

A cool mist humidifier produces invisible moisture so it’s discreet yet effective. If you’re dealing with dry air, you can use a cool mist humidifier to suck up the uncomfortable air and push out cool, crisp, refreshing air. With warmer weather, it can help reduce electric costs since it brings cooler air into your home. But just because it’s cool air, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it during the winter months. Cold, dry air can mean chapped lips and dry skin.

Just like with the ultrasonic humidifier, a cool mist humidifier can alleviate the symptoms of dry air- both internally and externally. If you’re snoring throughout the night, a cool mist humidifier can help reduce snoring and help give you and your partner a good night’s sleep.

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