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Air Innovations Humidifier Demineralization Filter (2 Pack)

Air Innovations Humidifier Demineralization Filter (2 Pack)

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Hard Water Humidifier Filters

This Air Innovations Humidifier Demineralization Filter is recommended for customers with hard water. Each filter will last up to 90 days depending upon usage and water quality.

Remove Water Impurities

These powerful hard water filters help prevent white dust from forming in your humidifier by removing calcification and other impurities in the water.

Humidifier Filter Compatibility

This demineralization filter works with most Air Innovations Humidifier models including: MH-408, MH-504, MH-505, MH-505A, MH-509, MH-512, MH-513, MH-519, MH-519A, MH-526, MH-527, MH-602, MH-603, MH-701, MH-701B, MH-701BA, MH-701C, MH-702A, MH-703, MH-801, MH-801B, MH-801BA, MH-901D (With Date Code: MX17 through MX22 Only click for photo - opens new window), MH-901DA, MH-902, MH-902S, MH-903XL, MH-903A, MH-904, MH-906, MH-908.

Please Note: These hard water filters are not compatible with MH-901 or MH-901D humidifiers if the date code under the base is MX16XX.


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