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Can I Run My Humidifier All Year-Round?

Many of us believe that their humidifiers are only beneficial during the winter months when the air is dry and frigid or because everyone starts to get sick during this time of year. Despite what you think or hear, you can run your humidifier all year round! The benefits of humidifiers extend far past winter and they can be very helpful devices in spring, summer and fall. So just because winter is over doesn’t mean you have to pack away your humidifier until next year. Here’s how your humidifier can help you stay healthy and comfortable throughout the year!

Why Humidifiers Keep Your Healthy In Every Season

A humidifier’s basic job is to add moisture back to the air to raise the humidity levels indoors. When you have ideal humidity in your home, you are less likely to turn up the heater when it’s cold out and your space just feels more comfortable. Humidifiers prevent many uncomfortable effects of winter like cracked lips, dry skin, scratchy throats, dry sinus passages and more. But these effects don’t just happen in winter and can be year-round problems, making it ideal to run a humidifier any time of year.

Home Humidifiers Help When You’re Sick Any Time Of Year

Coming down with a cold or flu doesn’t just happen in winter, which is why you’ll still need your home humidifier during the year. When your family gets sick the first thing you want to do is run a home humidifier to help relieve symptoms and make the indoor environment more comfortable for a faster recovery. The National Institute of Health mentions that increasing the humidity in your space while sick better moisturizes nasal and throat passages. The moisture home humidifiers let out aids in the draining of excess mucus so that you can breathe better. Also, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using a home humidifier for children and infants who have trouble clearing their breathing passages, such as when they have upper respiratory infections.

A Room Humidifier For Warmer Months

Although you might not need to use a room humidifier when it’s warm outside to alleviate dry air, you can still run it to help with seasonal allergies. During the spring and summer months mold and pollen are everywhere and can make your allergies start to act up! To combat this, a room humidifier can help moisturize dry nasal passages. Plus if you blast the air conditioner all day and night, your nasal passages will also dry out, which is why a room humidifier during summer will greatly help in making your living spaces more comfortable.

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