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How to Clean a Humidifier

You can have the best humidifier on the market, but if you don’t maintain it properly, you can actually reverse the benefits and cause more harm to your body than you think. Neglecting your house humidifier can risk spreading dangerous bacteria, jump starting a set of serious health risks, like asthma attacks and shortness of breath. Overall, keeping your air humidifier clean helps it work properly for a longer period and keep everyone who is inhaling the vapor healthy, too.

To clean, start by disassembling it and emptying out any existing water. If your humidifier has a filter, you can pass cool running water through it before air drying. White vinegar is commonly used to clean air humidifiers and doesn’t leave any unwanted chemical residue as other cleaners might. Pour a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar into the base up to where the water usually sits and let it soak for half an hour. You can also soak the smaller parts in the 50/50 solution separately . Once the buildup has broken down, you can brush it clean with a soft-bristled brush.

To disinfect your air humidifier tank if mold or other elements appear, dilute one part bleach and 3 parts  water and fill the tank at least halfway; let it soak for half an hour as well.  

Rinse thoroughly until the scents of the hydrogen peroxide and vinegar fade. 

Air Innovations has the Best Humidifier

To find the best humidifier for your home, browse Air Innovations’ wide set of features including cool mist ultrasonic, and new aromatherapy humidifiers . Whether you need one just for you or one to keep your home feeling fresh, Air Innovations has what you need. Use these cleaning tips to continuously feel the benefits of its best humidifiers. 

Not only will you sleep and feel better, you’ll look better.

Benefits of Owning an Air Humidifier

An air humidifier adds moisture to the air, this alone creates endless benefits for owners by helping:

  • Reduce risk of infections
  • Prevent bloody and irritated noses
  • Alleviate allergies
  • Leave skin softer
  • Better sleep

Experience these benefits and more with your very own air humidifier. When you buy one from Air Innovations you’re not getting just any humidifier, it’s the best humidifier you can own.

Use a House Humidifier All Year Long

Prevent nosebleeds and chapped lips in the winter with a house humidifier from Air Innovations. You can keep your body moisturized and hydrated to always feel refreshed and healthy and increase your quality of life.  Although some people use a house humidifier during specific seasons, they’re great to use all year long to help with any unexpected dryness or allergies that may occur. Just be sure to keep your house humidifier clean with these cleaning tips to help prevent bacteria and mold.

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