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Proper Humidifier Care

As you prepare your humidifier for constant use this fall and winter, you might want to know how to properly care for it. Like any other device in your home, a humidifier requires proper care in order to work efficiently and effectively. Although humidifiers are fairly easy devices to own, they still require regular maintenance in order to work like it should. Because you’ll most likely run it the entire winter, you’ll need to ensure that the humidifier is in working order now. If not, you’ll risk not having a humidifier when you need it most!

Humidifiers Need Regular Cleanings

If neglected for long periods of time, humidifiers could be major sources of mold and mold spores. This common allergen can be harmful to your family’s health and cause asthma flare-ups and other respiratory problems. That’s why routine cleaning of your home’s humidifiers is needed on a weekly basis (sooner if you use the humidifier a lot). Every day, you’ll want to make sure that you’re emptying its water reservoir when not in use. Wash the humidifier reservoir completely with a 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar. This helps clean inside and outside including the nozzles and can be done by spraying the insides of nozzles and using it generously inside the tank. After cleaning by spray, rinse the equipment well and then operate the humidifier for 3 minutes with clean tap water. Rinse well again and then fill its reservoir to the right level and use it again.

At least once every 14 days, you’ll want to give your home’s humidifiers and filter a thorough cleaning with a 20/80 mix of bleach (20%) and water. Wear protective gloves and uses a soft scrub brush or bottle brush. Using this mixture in a spray bottle makes quicker work but always use in a safe location as to not get it on other surfaces. Rinse, discard and wipe with a clean towel and then fill to the appropriate level to use again. Whenever you see the reservoir water getting low if possible discard the remaining water before refilling again. This simple step can help reduce the chances of mold growth.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers Are Easy To Clean

Ultrasonic humidifiers provide a few advantages over other humidifiers since they run virtually silent, have low power consumption and do not require you to replace filters unless you have hard water. However, you still need to properly clean ultrasonic humidifiers in order to increase its efficiency and lifespan. Simply go through the steps mentioned above and your unit will be ready for heavy use in winter.

Get Your Ultrasonic Humidifier From Air Innovations

If you’re looking for a new ultrasonic humidifier for winter, look no further than Air Innovations! Our ultrasonic humidifiers feature permanent ceramic filters that never need to be replaced they also come with a programmable built-in humidistat and are available in multiple colors. If you’re looking for a quality ultrasonic humidifier, Air Innovations has your perfect device!

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